7-month Lean Certification Program

Who Should Attend?

Companies who wish to attain Lean Certification from Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) may engage us to receive tailored training and professional assistance in documentation and application for the certification.

Lean management Academy Sdn Bhd,  7-Month Lean Certification Program course content and training programme fee are within PSMB standard and allowable rates, therefore employers can apply for SBL, 100% HRDF Claimable if they are interested to organise the training for their employees.

LMA shall provide all the needed documentation for the application.

However, the final decision will be depending on the applications made by the employers themselves. PSMB will evaluate based on the submission.

7-Month Lean Certification Program Outline (Certified by Malaysia Productivity Corporation - MPC)

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1st Month
5S Training Phase I

1. 5S Health Check

2. What is 5S

3. 5S Gemba Walk

4. Continual Creativity & Innovation - Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA)

  1. Team Work Session on P – PLAN
  2. Form/Review 5S Steering Committee.
  3. Determine/Review 5S Policy, Objectives, Goals
  4. Set up/Review 5S Zones.
  5. Plan/Review 5S action plan & 5S Launch.
  6. Prepare internal 5S training to all employees
  7. Prepare above activities in the calendar

2nd Month
5S Training Phase II
(30 days after Phase 1)

1. Review Last 1 month progress

2. Step-by-Step Implementation from Continual Creativity and Innovation chart

3. PDCA focusing on D - DO

4. Step-by-Step Implementation

5. Guidelines for practicing SORT

6. 6 steps involved in creating a successful Red-Tagging process for SORT.

7. Red Tagging Team Exercise

8. Guidelines for practicing SET IN ORDER

9. Guidelines for practicing SHINE

10. PDCA focusing on C - CHECK

11. Guidelines for practicing STANDARDISE

12. PDCA focusing on A - ACTION

13. Guidelines for practicing SUSTAIN

14. 5S Self-Assessment

3rd Month
Lean KanDo

Lean Experiential Leanings Workshop/Trainings & 5S Visit

4th Month
Lean VSM Workshop/Training

Theory & GEMBA at site

5th - 7th Month
Consultancy Visit 1 to 4

Consultation and Coaching

Lean Consultancy Services - Group Project
Consultation and guidance sessions on all Value Sream Mapping (VSM) Chartered projects:
Updating VSM - Current / future State
Matrix and data confirmation
Individual Project Status Review
Monitoring on Value Stream Mapping (VSM) Transformation Plan  Follow-up and work on "new" A3 Report

After Consulting
Lean Certification Application

Lean Certification Audit by MPC
(Application done by companies assisted by LMA)