Train-The-Trainer - PSMB Certification Programme

Who Should Attend?

People for whom training is a large part of their job, or a full job function within a structured assessment and training system. These people have considerable responsibility for training program development and delivery, as well as assessment of training participants or employees.

Course Summary

All registered training providers are responsible to ensure that their trainer/instructors are qualified and competent in their respective areas of training. In line with this, Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad’s role as the training coordinating agency has to continuously raise the level of competency among the training providers. Henceforth, all trainers are encouraged to attend the “Train the Trainer” programme, which focuses on the key aspects of training stages in a training cycle.
This training program has been designed for managers, executives, trainers, instructors, team leaders, supervisors in organisations who wish to provide structured training and conduct relevant and fair assessments in their organisation so as to achieve Peak Performance.


The course content will be delivered through short lectures, group  discussions and presentations, role play and skill practice during the  training programme.

Special Points of Interest

  • Emphasis on the workplace application
  • Short lectures, group activities and group discussions to provide participants with a fun and supportive learning environment
  • Skill session for participants to practice their training skills

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss the characteristics of a competent trainer
  • Explain adult learning principles and how training can be delivered effectively to adults
  • Conduct training need analysis
  • Design competency-based training programs
  • Deliver a training session effectively

Train-The-Trainer - PSMB Certification Programme Outline

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Day 1 - Plan Adult Learning & Conduct Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

AM Session:

Plan Adult Learning

  • Module Objectives
  • Terminal Performance Objectives
  • Identify participant’s learning objective
  • Identify participant’s learning style
  • Determine adult training approaches – Malcolm Knowles

PM Session:

Conduct Traning Needs Analysis (TNA)

  • Module Objectives
  • Terminal Performance Objectives
  • Scope of TNA
  • Determine data gathering methods

Day 2 - Conduct Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

AM Session:

TNA Steps 1 to 3

  • Determine approach
  • Perform gap analysis
  • Identify performance Objectives

TNA Step 4

  • Analyze causes of gaps

TNA Step 5

  • Identify KSA required

PM Session:

TNA Step 6

  • Identify solution

TNA Step 7

  • Report results of TNA

Day 3 - Design Competency Based Training (CBT)

AM Session:

  • Module Objectives
  • Terminal Performance Objectives
  • Determine overall programme requirements

PM Session:

  • Determine learning outcomes
  • Determine training content

Day 4 - Design Competency Based Training (CBT) & Conduct CBT

AM Session:

Design CBT

  • Determine training method
  • Develop training resources
  • Review training design

PM Session:

Conduct CBT

  • Module Objectives
  • Terminal Performance Objectives
  • Prepare lesson plan
  • Apply presentation skills
  • Facilitate training activities

Day 5 - Conduct CBT part 2 & Assess Participant's Competence

AM Session:

Conduct CBT

  • Provide learning support
  • Coordinate training arrangements

PM Session:

Assess Participant's Competence

  • Module Objectives
  • Terminal Performance Objectives
  • Plan participant’s assessment
  • Prepare knowledge assessment tools
  • Prepare skills assessment checklist
  • Conduct knowledge and skills assessment
  • Prepare assessment report
  • Course Wrap-up
  • End of Session

Learn to be an Effective Trainer!

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