An Introduction to Lean Management using KanDo Lean

Who Should Attend?

Plant Managers, Manufacturing Managers, Production Managers/ Assistant Managers, Engineers, Executives and Supervisors.

Lean Management programme is ideal and its activity is suitable for anyone in the office, factory or supply chain who needs to understand or influence customer service, process improvement and balancing workloads.

Plant Managers, Manufacturing Managers, Production Managers/ Assistant Managers, Engineers, Executives and Supervisors.

Course Summary

KanDo Lean Management Programme is a 2-Day course engaging Lean Simulation to help you learn about reducing waste, continuous improvement, flow, 5S and more.

With carefully designed experiential learning activities and high impact discussions and reviews, you and your team will learn best practices to eliminate waste in your organization.

2-Day KanDo Lean Course Outline

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Day 1 - 9am to 5pm
5 Phases of KanDo Lean

Phase 1

  1. Efficient Layouts
  2. Understand Product Specifications
  3. Definition of Product Quality
  4. Dealing with Surplus Materials

Phase 2

  1. Effective Location & Storage of Components
  2. Problems with Batch Production and High WIP
  3. Communication with the Customers
  4. Internal Communications
  5. Understanding Priorities

Phase 3

  1. Use of Visual Displays and Pull Systems
  2. Benefits of Shorter Lead-times
  3. Process Design for Market Requirements
  4. Overall Capacity Planning
  5. Work Distribution and Balance

Phase 4

  1. Forms of Kanbans
  2. One-piece Flow and Appropriate Documentation Systems
  3. Coping with Variable Customer Demand
  4. Teamwork and Flexibility
  5. Clear Definition of Responsibilities

Phase 5

  1. Customer/Supplier Relationships
  2. Dealing with Remote Businesses
  3. Avoiding Components Shortages
  4. Simplifying the Supply of Components
  5. Supply Chain Information Flow and Constraints

Day 2 - 9am to 5pm
All About Lean

1. Boxed In

Teams compete to make a functional object that can take almost any form. Team members need to challenge assumption and norms, then work to appropriate quality standards.

2. Lean Health Check

3. What is Lean?

  1. Lean History
  2. Lean & Toyota
  3. Examples of Toyota's Successes with the Toyota Production System

4. Lean Management

  1. Lean Philosophy
  2. Lean Principles
  3. 7 + 1 Waste

5. Lean Successes in Other Industries

6. Lean Manufacturing Framework (a.k.a. Toyota Production System)

  1. Stability
  2. Standardization
  3. Just-In-Time
  4. Jidoka
  5. Value Steam Mapping (VSM)
  6. Involvements

Learn How To Eliminate Waste In Your Business

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