Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing is a term that has been around now for many years, originally spawned within the MIT study that led to the book “The Machine That Changed the World” by Womack and Jones in 1990. However, if you search through the many publications and websites looking for a lean manufacturing definition you will find a myriad of differing definitions for Lean, partly because lean is a continuously developing philosophy and because its application is different for each and every company. 

Lean has had several names over the years, developed primarily from the Toyota Production System (TPS) it has been called World Class Manufacturing (WCM), Continuous Flow Manufacturing, and Stock-less production to name a few. 

Lean refers to a collection of principles and methods that focus on the identification and elimination of non-value-added activity (waste) in any process

Are You Creating Value Through Eliminating “WASTE”?
Improve Operational Effectiveness Through Lean Processing!

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Using KanDo Lean Simulation To Experience A Competitive, Engaging And Energetic Lean Game That Introduces The Principles Of Lean Processing.

A competitive, engaging and energetic lean game that introduces the principles of lean processing.

  • Introducing the fundamental concepts behind lean processing
  • Generating excitement and enthusiasm about lean processing
  • Getting to 'buy in' to lean programmes
  • Bringing lean theory to life
  • Demonstrating how lean can improve job and customer satisfaction, and business performance
  • Encouraging participants to identify how lean processing could improve their workplaces

For businesses who wish to attain Lean Certification, we also offer a comprehensive 7 - month Lean Certification Program, certified by Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC)

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