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Full Potential!

By empowering them to become a Lean Certified Practitioner Today

MPC, LMA tie up to boost productivity

Lean Management Academy Sdn Bhd (LMA) is proud to sign an MoU with Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC), and its primary purpose is to establish a collaboration framework under which MPC will recognise and certify Lean training and implementation programs conducted by LMA.


Transforming Businesses with Lean Management

Lean Management Academy's Certified Practitioner In Lean Management Certificates issued by the Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) programme, helps your business eliminate waste and increase profits in different industries:

  • Manufacturing

  • Construction

  • Healthcare

  • Services (Banking, Insurance, Hospitality, F&B and Retail)

  • Supply Chain and Logistics

  • Education

  • Software Development

  • Agriculture

  • Oil and Gas

  • Government Link Corporations (GLCs)

  • and Government and Public Sector


Years of Experience


Businesses Helped


Professionals Trained

Lean Management Academy (LMA) agrees to:


  1. Conduct HRDC claimable Lean program.

  2. Issue a Certification of Attendance to participants who complete the Lean program.

  3. Submit evidence of program completion and implementation outcomes for participants seeking Certification for Certified Practitioner in Lean.

Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) agrees to:


  1. Provide formal recognition of the LEAN program conducted by Lean Management Academy Sdn. Bhd. (LMA), as a valid training program for productivity improvement and operational efficiency.

  2. Develop and issue a Certification of Certified Practitioner in Lean to individuals who have not only completed the program but have also successfully implemented LEAN methodologies in their operations, subject to verification by MPC.

Certified Practitioner in Lean Management

How will you benefit?​

  • Lead Lean Projects: Gain expertise in executing Lean projects to boost efficiency and add value.

  • Lean Mastery: Achieve a deep understanding of Lean principles and the ability to apply them effectively.

  • Waste Reduction: Learn to identify and eliminate process inefficiencies, optimising operations.

  • Performance Tracking: Develop skills in setting and monitoring key metrics to ensure continuous improvement.

KAIZEN for the Continuous Improvement of Sustainable, Multi-Generation Businesses

KAIZEN, derived from Japanese culture, embodies the principle of perpetual enhancement. It succinctly advocates for the ethos of "Enhancing Things Continually."

At the core of Lean Management Academy's ethos, KAIZEN champions the notion of ceaseless progress. This philosophy is paramount for enduring, cross-generational enterprises, as it nurtures an environment ripe for adaptability, innovation, and long-lasting success.

Our programs are meticulously customised to meet each organisation's unique needs, irrespective of size. Our unwavering commitment is to deliver superior training solutions, persistently setting the benchmark for excellence in global standards.

Join more than 120+ organisations who mastered Lean Management with us to eliminate process inefficiencies and optimise operations

In 2024, LMA celebrates 10+ years of providing Lean Management Training and Consultancy to over 120+ companies to 2500+ professionals

Executive Director and Principal Consultant

Muhar Murad

Meticulously Tailored, ROI-Focused Consulting to Help Your Business Eliminate Waste

Muhar Murad is the Executive Director and Principal Consultant of Lean Management Academy Sdn Bhd. He has a master’s in business administration from Herriot Watt University, U.K., and a bachelor’s in engineering from Glasgow, U.K. He has over 28 years of experience in multinational and local companies, specialising in Manufacturing, Operations, and Supply Chain Management.

While with an MNC, he served as a General Manager and Senior Director, winning three President Awards. Muhar is skilled in operational strategy, coaching, and continuous improvement.


He has authored two books on Lean and excels in addressing real-world challenges in his consultancy, coaching, and facilitating sessions.

Our Experts

The team comprises a distinguished group of professionals, each with a deep well of expertise in Lean Management and operational excellence. With over a century of collective experience spanning manufacturing, supply chain, global operations, quality management, financial accounting, public sector training, and strategic human resources, they bring a wealth of knowledge and a proven track record of success.


Their accolades, ranging from President Awards to recognitions in organisational excellence, underscore their ability to drive transformational change and lead businesses towards sustainable, efficient operations. This team excels in theory and embodies practical experience implementing Lean principles across diverse industries and regions.


 Ts. Ir. Hj. Riwayat

Global Operations &

Lean Six Sigma

15+ years in Business & General Management


Global Work:
United States & China


Wan Zainal Hanafi


Quality Management &

Lean Techniques


20+ years in Consulting


National Productivity Champion, Malaysia


Vincent KC Loh


Quality & Process Improvement


20+ years in Manufacturing & Project Management


Lean Six Sigma DMAIC, TPS


Lee Soo Lee


Financial Accounting & Manufacturing Operations


Strategic Planning & Lean Practices

Professional Memberships:

Australian & Malaysian Society of Accountants


Hashim bin Borham


Public Sector Training & Development


25+ years in Public Service


EKSA MAMPU Program Champion, Organisational Excellence Awards

Our Clients Praise Us For Our Great Coaching, Facilitating And Expert Knowledge.

Here Are What Just A Few Of Them Had To Say


Lean Manufacturing: Kaizen, JIT/Kanban, and standardised work for efficiency.


Lean Construction: LPS, value stream, TVD for efficiency.

Services (Banking, Insurance, Hospitality, F&B and Retail)

Lean Services: Maximise value for customers while minimising waste.


Lean Healthcare: Streamlines care, cuts waits, boosts patient experience.

Supply Chain and Logistics

Lean Supply Chain: Optimises inventory, cuts lead times, and boosts efficiency.


Lean Education: Boosts outcomes, teaching, and admin efficiency.

Software Development

Lean Software Development: Quick value delivery, Agile methods, CI/CD efficiency.

Government and Public Sector

Lean Gov: Enhance service, cut red tape and ensure stakeholder inclusion.

Government-Linked Corporations

Lean GLCs: Boost efficiency, competitiveness, and stakeholder value.


Lean Agriculture: Optimises operations, cut waste, and boosts productivity.

Oil & Gas Industries

Lean Oil & Gas: Enhances safety, cuts costs, and optimises production.

An overview of how Lean principles are applied in different sectors

LEAN Management Principles can be applied to various industries and sectors. Initially developed by Toyota in the manufacturing industry, LEAN principles have since been adapted and implemented successfully in multiple fields beyond manufacturing. Some of the sectors where LEAN Management is commonly applied include:

Public Programmes


A 5-day face-to-face interactive workshop which uses experiential learning to deliver engaging theory and practical workshops. After the course, facilitators will follow up with participants with online discussions over the next 6-months until the participants complete the programme requirements.

    • Certified Practitioner in Lean Construction - 5 Days

    • Certified Practitioner in Lean Management - 5 Days

      • Manufacturing​

      • Construction

      • Healthcare

      • Services

        • Banking​

        • Insurance

        • Hospitality

        • Food & Beverages

        • Retail

      • Supply Chain & Logistics

      • Software Development

      • Agriculture

      • Government & Public Sector

      • Government Linked Corporations

      • Education

      • Oil & Gas

    • During the face-to-face 5 days classroom sessions:

      • Course Prerequisites Submission - 10%

      • Competency & Effectiveness Assessment of Lean theory - 30%

      • Individual & Group Assignments - 30%

      • Full Attendance, Timekeeping, Participation and Contributions to group discussions - 30%​

      • * Note: Minimum Passing Marks is 75%

    • Participants are the Kaizen leaders of the organisations that sent them for this Lean certification.

    • Register with MPC for the organisation and the Kaizen leader participating in this Lean certification programme.

    • After the 5-day workshop, participants are supported by online coaching with trainers for a total of 6 hours (1 hour per session) over the next 6 months.

    • Record a video of at least SIX LIVE Events of the Weekly Kaizen Meeting/Weekly Coordination Meeting using the concept of The Last Planner® System when they perform it at their office/worksite. The video must be validated through a written recommendation from their superior.

    • The Kaizen leader will submit TWO completed A3 Kaizen projects detailing the tangible projected total savings of more than RM20,000 per annum.

    • Tangible results must impact one or more performance indicators related to quality, cost and delivery by applying at least 1 Lean tool.

    • The savings/benefits achieved in the TWO A3 Kaizen projects are to be validated and endorsed by finance or senior management of the participant's organisation as real gains on the A3 Kaizen documents.

    • A3 Kaizen report submitted, approved by LMA's assessors, and recommended to MPC for certification.

    • Participants can complete the programme in 3 - 6 months, depending on how quickly they can finish their LIVE assignment. After six months, no certification shall be issued.

    • MPC, Practitioner in Lean Management (Specific Industry, e.g. Manufacturing, Construction, etc.) will be issued to Kaizen Leaders who led the project (not the team members). This encourages everyone in the organisation to lead an A3 Kaizen Project.

    • LMA, Certificate of Attendance will be issued to all Lean Workshop/Training participants and the A3 Kaizen Coaching participants with at least 80% attendance of the combined training and coaching sessions.

In-House Programmes


A customised programme for organisations.

  • Registered with HRD Corp (HRD Corp - Claimable)

  • Non-HRD Corp Registered - payable by the organisation

  • Governmental

  • Government Linked Companies (GLC)

    • Certified Practitioner in Lean Management -
      Module 1 - Advanced Lean Training & Workshop
      - 2 Days
      (for companies that have undergone Lean Training and understand the concepts)

    • Certified Practitioner in Lean Management -
      Module 1 - Lean Training & Workshop
      - 3 Days
      (for companies that do not have any Lean training but have done 5S)

    • Certified Practitioner in Lean Management -
      Module 1 - Lean & 5S Training & Workshop
      - 4 Days
      (for companies that have not undergone Lean or 5S Training)
      Followed By

    • Certified Practitioner in Lean Management -
      Module 2 - A3 Kaizen Coaching
      - 1 Day
      (minimum six visits within six months after the above Training/Workshop)

    • This Certified Practitioner in Lean Manufacturing (certificate issued by Malaysia Productivity Corporation - MPC) only applies to the Kaizen Leaders who led the project, not the team members in the A3 Kaizen projects. It is intended to encourage everyone in the organisation to lead an A3 Kaizen project.

    • The company management selects Kaizen Leaders for the in-house program, which LMA does not decide.

    • Register with MPC for the organisation participating in this Lean certification program and Kaizen leader details.

    • LMA will issue an attendance certificate to the remaining Lean Workshop/Training participants and the A3 Kaizen Coaching who have attended over 80% of the combined sessions during Phases 1 and 2.

    • Training/Workshop pre-survey questionnaires are sent to all participants via Google Forms, and they are to respond before the training/workshop starts to gauge participants' understanding and set the participants to understand the objective of attending Lean management training/workshop.

    • Participants shall be tested via Google Forms on the Competency & Effectiveness Assessment of Lean theory after it has been taught to gain a better understanding of the content.

    • The Kaizen Leader will submit TWO completed A3 Kaizen projects detailing the tangible (projected total project savings of more than RM20,000 per annum) and details of the intangible impacts to LMA to be completed within seven months from the start of the 1st Training/Workshop. After seven months, MPC shall not issue any certificates.

    • Participants are supported by 6 in-house visits over the next 6 months, Module 2 - A3 Kaizen Coaching.

    • Tangible results must impact one or more performance indicators related to quality, cost, and delivery.

    • The savings/benefits achieved in the TWO A3 Kaizen projects are to be validated and endorsed by finance/senior management of the participant’s organisation as real gains on the A3 Kaizen documents.

    • LMA reserves the right to interview the Superior or peer who made the recommendation.

    • LMA shall evaluate the participant’s A3 Kaizen project submission and recommend it to MPC for certification

    • MPC, Practitioner in Lean Management (Specific Industry e.g. Manufacturing, Construction, etc.) will be issued to Kaizen Leaders who led the project (not the team members). This encourages everyone in the organisation to lead an A3 Kaizen Project.


      LMA Certificate of Attendance will be issued to all Lean Workshop/Training and A3 Kaizen Coaching participants have at least 80% attendance.


The 3-day workshop conducted by Muhar was very practical and timely as we grow A&W to become one of the top QSR brands in Malaysia. Our leaders now appreciate that LEAN is not just a management strategy but a long-term thinking and culture that we must ingrain in the organisation.

George Ang, A&W Malaysia CEO

Malaysia Productivity Corporation

Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) has introduced the LEAN Roadmap in our efforts to increase the competitiveness of organisations and, hence, the nation. Lean thinking and methodology can be applied in all industries. It would enhance the productivity and profitability of the implementing organisations to strengthen their competitiveness further.

The Lean Thinking adopted by Lean Management Academy, one of MPC's Lean partners, had implemented Lean methodology at selected organisations under MPC’s Enterprise Innovation Intervention Programme. The systematic and structured approach enables organisations to immediately apply what they learned to solve actual shop floor and office issues. This approach also allows the organisation team members to be more probing and engaging under the guidance of the Facilitator as they encounter challenges at their workplace.

Dato' Mohd Razali Hussain, Director General

Signature Manufacturing Sdn Bhd

It has been a pleasant journey for Signature Manufacturing Sdn Bhd to work alongside Lean Management Academy in educating, guiding and executing the above program with our employees from various functions. Your commitment has shown exemplary professionalism and dedication in executing the activities according to the timeline.


We want to express our appreciation to Lean Management Academy for successfully navigating us with positive progress throughout the four (4) months commencing December 2018. 


​En Muhar patiently kept my team engaged throughout the program, and the incremental changes in our processes contributed meaningful learnings to my team's improvement of the efficiency and quality of our output.


Collaborating with Lean Management Academy was a great pleasure, and it responded promptly to most of our demands. 


We look forward to more opportunities to work with Lean Management Academy again in future.

Tan Kee Choong, Group Managing Director

Soon Her Sing Industries (M) Sdn. Bhd

First and foremost, we thank you, Lean Management Academy, for coaching us on the LEAN manufacturing implementation throughout the four months commencing in December 2018. We appreciate the efforts and approach of the experienced consultant, Encik Muhar, for his excellent way of guiding us in implementing LEAN management in our company. Whenever issues arose, Encik Muhar's calm handling of those problems gave us a boost and confidence to manage it better the next time.


​We have gained many benefits from implementing LEAN manufacturing. One of the most significant is the transparency of data sharing among all employees, even our foreign workers. Subsequently, this has enhanced the work's effectiveness and efficiency.

LEAN manufacturing is a series of methods designed to minimise material and labour waste while maintaining or increasing production levels. It is about eliminating what does not add value and delivering the best product to the customer quickly and with as few barriers as possible. 


​I want to recommend any company in Malaysia to go for LEAN management. Engaging an experienced consultant like Encik Muhar for its implementation is essential. His persistence, flexibility, patience, knowledge, approach and touch with all the participants during the training have positively impacted the entire team for a total commitment to go for LEAN!


Collaborating with Encik Muhar and his team was a great pleasure. They responded to all our questions promptly and professionally. His assistant, Chin Leng, is also a dynamic young man who is always there to assist when questions arise. Last but not least, we look forward to working with Encik Muhar and his team again soon.


Once again, our very special THANK YOU to Lean Management Academy!

Madam SL Lim, General Manager

Berjayapak Sdn Bhd

Our Lean Journey has been action-packed and remarkable. The highest authority in the company has been given a mandate that they are responsible for rendering commitment and support and creating a positive environment for its workers to implement Lean Management.


In the initial stage of the Value Stream Mapping (VSM) session, we learned how to document, analyse, and improve the flow of information, processes, and materials. In doing so, it helped us understand our current stage. From there, the Lean methodology gave us a vision to plan and connect all improvement activities and eliminate waste. We gained insight into identifying waste, reducing process cycle time, and implementing process improvement.


After five months of journey, we understood why MTIB selected Lean Management Academy as one of its selected consulting firms to assist MTIB in Lean Journeys for Malaysia SMEs Timber Entrepreneurs. Lean Management Academy effectively coached every participant to deliver results. The master taught my people how to fish, that’s very important. The commitment given to developing my people was intense.


​Though it was action-packed, none of us was left behind and feeling exhausted. We gained valuable skills from the guru and a renewed mindset to push for more significant results.

Ooi Lay Pheng, CEO

Malaysian Timber Industry Board (MTIB)

Lean Management Culture has brought a new dimension to Malaysian SMEs Timber Entrepreneurs, particularly “Bumiputera” entrepreneurs, in the area of WASTE Elimination and increasing the Productivity and Competitiveness of an Organization. Lean Management Academy Sdn Bhd is one of the consulting companies selected to assist MTIB in implementing Lean Journeys for Malaysian SME timber entrepreneurs.


They coached two MTIB-selected SMEs in 2014. It is a four-month program, from initial training to the introduction of lean methodologies, followed by a monthly consultancy to implement the kaizen blitz identified by the team during the Value Stream Mapping (VSM) process. VSM is one of the primary lean tools used besides others, i.e., Ishikawa Diagram, Whys’ Whys’ and spreadsheets.


​The results clearly show that the companies can remove waste tremendously and obtain savings from the Lean initiatives. Suppose your company is willing to embrace the challenge and pursue the benefits and returns generated by adequately implementing the Toyota Production System. In that case, Lean Management Academy Sdn Bhd is the right choice.

Noor Laila Mohammad Halip, Deputy Director-General

CT Engineering & Construction Sdn Bhd Kawasan Perindustrian Pasir Gudang Johor

C.T. Engineering & Construction Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in November 1996, formerly called C.T. Engineering & Construction, established in 1991. CT has grown to be a reliable and reputable player in the construction industry and has proven a successful track record ranging from industrial buildings to the oil & gas industry, material handling, and machinery installation. As with all other companies, we must grow and develop our team. CT Engineering & Construction Sdn Bhd has decided to embark on Lean Construction as part of our “Company’s Learning Growth.”


​Lean Thinking has given us a new paradigm for moving from a ‘GOOD’ to a ‘GREAT’ organisation. The most significant waste in construction industries is ‘waiting, ' so we learned a lean construction methodology called the Last Planner System (LPS), which is the same thinking as pull planning in manufacturing. We are very clear NOW that LPS is a system change and an integral part of the overall lean transformation of a project or an enterprise. The Last Planner System and its goal of reliable workflow, understand that LPS requires new thinking and new behaviour from top managers and participants, and be aware of how LPS can eliminate waste in our process.

Lean Management Academy has been supportive in many aspects of our lean journey. The Principal Consultant has all the qualities required of a professional lean leader: perseverance, integrity, goal-setting, approachability, and empathy. Most importantly, Muhar is passionate about getting lean work in the corporate world!

Wong Chee Sang, Project Director

United Woodwork & Construction (M) Sdn Bhd

United Woodwork & Construction (M) Sdn. Bhd. Established in 1979, we supply Solid Nyatoh wood furniture. We started our Lean Management in September 2017; our last presentation was in January 2018. After undergoing the VSM Transformation plan, we better understand Lean Management; our production has more space, reduced time for transportation, and shorter time to look for tools and jigs. Reduce waiting time and increase productivity.


​We very much appreciate Mr Muhar providing practical and engaging training through activities, games, and group discussions to let our team see the problems and find solutions to solve them to ensure continuous improvement for a better future for our company.

Mah Kong Yeow, Managing Director

Jemaramas Jaya Sdn Bhd

It has been a pleasant journey for Jemaramas to work alongside Lean Management Academy in educating, guiding and executing the above program with our employees.


Thanks to En Muhar for your dedicated support and guidance throughout the project. I realised that Lean is 50 % about tools and 50 % about mindset. It takes tools and systems to create results and business impact. Both are required to reach operation excellence. It takes a Culture of Excellence (mindset and behaviours) to achieve and sustain results.


​Throughout the program, we encountered obstacles, but we brainstormed and worked as a team to overcome them. I hope the company will continue to practice “Kaizen” to sustain Lean, embrace the ideas, and develop a participative, team-based approach.


As we look at the road ahead, remember the famous proverb: "If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."


We look forward to more opportunities to work with Lean Management Academy again in future.

Mr Adam Law, Executive Director

Melaka Chief Minister’s Department

Melaka State Government strives for better governance to achieve the “People First, Performance Now” principle. We were awarded a Developed State status in 2010 by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) using 32 OECD well-established indicators.


Jabatan Ketua Menteri Melaka (JKMM) is the primary prime mover for the Melaka State Government, whose responsibility is to plan and execute the development of Melaka to become a high-income state, city-state and green city to give our best possible service to people. JKMM, by its own accord, has been awarded a Five-Star Rating organisation by the Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning Unit (MAMPU) in 2011 and 2013. We never rest on our laurels despite our exemplary achievements. Instead, we are focusing on improving our services towards the public by initiating improvement actions through Lean Management Initiatives. Muhar & Associates has contributed a lot of Lean Input during our magnificent Lean Journey.


We managed to complete three projects together, and one of the projects has been selected to join MPC Creanova Lean 2015. These projects have had positive impacts on our organisation. What matters most are the smiling faces of the people who the success of the projects has directly impacted! Our Lean Journey, with the help of Lean Management Academy, has been a worthwhile knowledge-gaining experience, and we are grateful to have been chosen. Now, we can look forward to knowing that our Lean Management Initiatives derived from the Lean Management Academy Lean Thinking Approach will drive us to achieve better things for the organisation and the public. Furthermore, we believe Lean Management Academy is a very able Lean partner for others.

Mdm Maslina binti Baki, Undersecretary Human Resources Management Division

Terreal Malaysia Sdn Bhd Kluang, Johor

TERREAL was created in 2000 after three French brick and tile manufacturers merged: Lambert, TBF, and Guiraud. TERREAL also groups prestigious international brands such as Ludowici (USA), San Marco (Italy), and Cabezon (Spain). Terreal Malaysia (previously known as TBF Malaysia, established in 1990) was established in Kluang in 1996. Strategically located at the gateway of most Asian markets, Terreal Malaysia has developed a line of tiles with warm tones appreciated in the Asia-Pacific region.


Terreal Malaysia management team was exposed to Lean thinking in late June 2015. The training was well structured and allowed us to exercise in practical cases. When our customers discuss lean manufacturing, we better understand what they discuss. Although we are working within an industry where people think that it is impossible to achieve an increase in productivity, we all were impressed by the potential positive effects if we were to implement some aspects we learned during the training, in particular, the understanding of Value Stream Mapping (VSM).


We are convinced that Terreal Lean Transformation will soon be a reality! ”I enjoyed the training. I think how Muhar presents is engaging. I’ve been in training where you’re fighting to stay awake in the afternoon, but in this training, I felt alert and engaged all the way through.

Franc Molto, Industrial Director

Reliable Trend Sdn Bhd

First and foremost, we thank you, Lean Management Academy, for coaching us in implementing LEAN Management throughout the four months commencing in October 2019. We appreciated the efforts and approach of the experienced consultant, Encik Muhar, who guided us in implementing it in our company.


RELIABLE TREND embarked on Lean Management toward continuous improvement as a long-term commitment and strategy to begin the best in our company. A Lean Journey was made to gauge the level of Lean Culture and practices within the organisation, and we observed that we had much room for Improvement. There was a strong commitment from all levels to make things Good, Better, and Better.


With the commitment, Our Top Management whole-heartedly supported this leap of Faith for the betterment of Reliable Trends.


​Our very special Thank You to Lean Management Academy, and we look forward to more opportunities to work together again.

Mr. Nigel Chan, Director

C. K. Ban Soon Lee Ind. Sdn Bhd N. T. Soon Lee Furniture Ind. Sdn Bhd Penang

Mr. Muhar has helped us develop an improvement roadmap for our organisation and has led our culture change. Through activities such as value stream mapping (VSM), process analysis, layout enhancement, pull system and other valuable tools, we can strengthen our production with better-structured problem-solving skills.


We achieved more than initially expected throughout the lean journey and are delighted with the outcomes. Lean Management Academy will be a great partner if anyone desires to improve their organisation.

Ch'ng Cheng Hai, Managing Director

Dee Noon Corporation Sdn Bhd Sungai Jawi, Penang

Dee Noon Corporation was established in May 2006. This is the company's first exposure to the LEAN Program, led by En Muhar from Lean Management Academy through MTIB. The LEAN program helps to enhance the company's competitiveness and is applicable in all industries: Any problem can be traced back to a source; if we cannot find the source of a problem, we will never be able to solve that problem.


​En Muhar has taught us a vital lesson: how to identify the source of a problem and how to start working towards solving it. “After the MTIB LEAN Program, my company has improved in cost savings. As there are already improvements, I know there is still room for improvement elsewhere. I appreciate what this program has done for my company.”

Mr Kang Lean Hiang, Managing Director

Golden Aero Wooden Manufacturing Sdn Bhd

En Muhar from Lean Management Academy Sdn Bhd has successfully changed our organisation in almost all areas, including our working culture and environment, through the Lean Management concept. Our company has learned a lot from his valuable experiences and knowledge.


The most important aspect of his coaching and training approach is that he has identified this company's real problems and challenges and provided the right directions and practical solutions to overcome them. With his helpful and dedicated approach, our company’s workers can understand and implement the concept and practice of Lean Management.

Mr Ooi Teng Hai, Managing Director

V Max Furniture Sdn. Bhd., Muar, Johor

I want to thank En Muhar for letting us solve the company's problems for many years. Last time, our boss attended many training workshops and courses to solve production problems. We have spent much time and money improving our company's operations. Although our company documentation system had changed frequently, the results were still unsatisfactory and ineffective. The management had meetings regularly, once a week, until the change to daily meetings. However, we still failed to ship our products to customers promptly.


Things changed after the two days of the Lean Management program by En Muhar. We successfully reduced our quality issues and our shipment delay problem. Today, we all know the importance of 5S (cleanliness and neatness of a factory). We can search for and get our tools and materials quickly, which will help us reduce non-value activities in our factory. En Muhar is a very experienced facilitator. He can immediately know the right ‘medicine’ to cure our ‘pain point’. I sincerely feel that Lean is a powerful and excellent system, especially for manufacturers like us.

Ivy Lee, Director

Meranti Furniture Sdn Bhd Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor

Meranti Furniture Sdn. Bhd. was established in 1989 and is actively involved in the supply of highly elegant and quality furniture. We are also in the design and installation of interior works to meet the demands and needs of our clients. We started our Lean journey in October 2014; our last presentation was in January 2015.

After undergoing the VSM Transformation Plan, we have:


  1. Reduced wastage of raw materials by almost 50

  2. Improve Manpower utilisation by reducing waiting time.

  3. We have created motivated employees.

  4. The Kaizen system enables improvement done by each department and employee.

We have been very impressed with the quality and depth of knowledge Muhar has brought to Meranti’s Lean Journey. The team appreciated his passion for the subject, leading to many successful kaizen initiatives.

Dato' Md Pishal Ab Raub & En Umar Dato' Md Pishal,

Managing Director & General Manager

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