KAIZEN for the Continuous Improvement of Sustainable, Multi-Generation Businesses

KAIZEN is a Japanese philosophy of continuous improvement. In simple terms,
"Make Things Better".

KAIZEN is the heart of Lean Management Academy's core values. Through World-Class Experiential Learning activities, we inspire and enable organizations to adopt a long-term approach that systematically seeks to achieve small, incremental changes in processes in order to improve efficiency and quality.

We tailor our courses specifically for every company. No matter how big or small, we will always be committed to providing excellent training packages, and we will continue to offer training that exemplifies world-class standards.

Lean Management Academy is proud to have coached and trained many companies in obtaining Official Certifications.

7-Month Lean Certification Program

Companies who wish to attain Lean Certification from Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) may engage us to receive tailored training and professional assistance in documentation and application for the certification.

Lean Management Academy Sdn Bhd,  7-Month Lean Certification Program course content and training programme fee are within PSMB standard and allowable rates, therefore employers can apply for SBL, 100% HRDF Claimable if they are interested to organise the training for their employees.

LMA shall provide all the needed documentation for the application.

Some Of The Clients Who Trust Us

Muhar Murad
Executive Director and Principal Consultant
Lean Management Academy

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Meticulously Tailored, ROI-Focused Consulting to Help Your Business Eliminate Waste

Muhar Murad is the Executive Director and Principal Consultant of Lean Management Academy Sdn Bhd. He holds a Master in Business Administration from Herriot Watt University, U.K. and Bachelor of Science (Engineering) from University of Glasgow, U.K.

He has coached more than 90 companies in Lean Manufacturing, Lean Construction & Lean Services. He has more than 28 years of working experience in various multinational and local companies in Malaysia & Singapore. He is a seasoned Manufacturing, Operations and Supply Chain professional, Leader and Strategies. His expertise in the operational strategy, coaching, human relationships, planning and executing continuous improvement with the end in mind of adding value to any organisations.

Muhar established LMA in early 2015, but the Principal Consultant has 30 years working experience in practicing Lean Management. Therefore, LMA possesses 30 years' experience providing Lean Management Consulting for Manufacturing, Construction and Service Industries.

LMA has 30 years' experience providing Lean Management Consulting for Manufacturing, Construction and Service Businesses through Experiential Learning

Lean Manufacturing

‍Lean Manufacturing is a term that has been around now for many years, originally spawned within the MIT study that led to the book “The Machine That Changed the World” by Womack and Jones in 1990.

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Lean Construction

Lean construction is a “way to design production systems to minimize waste of materials, time, and effort in order to generate the maximum possible amount of value” 

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Lean Services

Lean services is the application of the lean manufacturing concept to service operations. It is distinct in that Lean services are not concerned with the making of ‘hard’ products.

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Train-the-Trainer Programme

All registered training providers are responsible to ensure that their trainer/instructors are qualified and competent in their respective areas of training. In line with this, Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad’s role as the training coordinating agency has to continuously raise the level of competency among the training providers. Henceforth, all trainers are encouraged to attend the “Train the Trainer” programme, which focuses on the key aspects of training stages in a training cycle.

This training program has been designed for managers, executives, trainers, instructors, team leaders, supervisors in organisations who wish to provide structured training and conduct relevant and fair assessments in their organisation so as to achieve Peak Performance.

Lean Management Academy is also proud to be MTa Certified to bring you World-Class Experiential Learning Programs

An Introduction to Lean Management using KanDo Lean

A competitive, engaging and energetic lean game that introduces the principles of lean processing.


Managing others is difficult. Leaders need to provide direction and manage conflict, all with the ultimate aim of improving performance.


Effective team building releases every team members’ potential and helps them maximize the performance of the team.

Problem Solving

Problems in the workplace are inevitable, therefore being able to solve them quickly and effectively is essential. Many people understand the basics of problem solving, yet still struggle to find solutions to problems.

Customer Service

Good customer service involves solving problems, offering solutions, being polite and providing a pleasant experience. Therefore providing good customer service requires people to be empathetic, sincere and understanding.

Experiential Learning is the most effective platform to boost your team and your business to the next level

Experiential learning is an active process which engages the learner, not a passive process that happens to the learner. This experience provides a platform for learning, whilst the careful analysis and reflection of the experience develops the learning.

“I want to improve performance in areas such as Leadership, Team working, Problem Solving, Communication, Business Priorities, Performance Management.”
“I want to enhance the performance of those working in changing, demanding multi team environments.”
“I want to enable team members to develop the skills required when working effectively with others.”
“I want to initiate and embed lean thinking and behaviour in the workplace.”

If you and your company are facing similar challenges, we will be able to help you.

Through interactive workshops and innovative experiential learning activities, your team can learn about Lean Methodology (KanDo), improve your Leadership and Teamwork to address these issues.

What You Gain

Reduced Waste

Motivated Leaders

High Performing Teams

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Improved Quality

Improved Business Performance

Our clients praise us for our great coaching, facilitating and expert knowledge.

Here are what just a few of them had to say:

Reliable Trend Sdn Bhd

First and foremost, we thank you Lean Management Academy in coaching us for the LEAN Management implementation throughout the four months period, commencing October 2019. We appreciated the efforts and approach of the experienced consultant, Encik Muhar of guiding us to implement in our company.

RELIABLE TREND embarked on Lean Management toward continuous improvement as a long term commitment and strategy to begin the best in our company. A Lean Journey was done the gauge the level of Lean Culture & Practies within the organisation and observed that we have done much room for Improvement. There was strong commitment from all levels to make things Good, Better & Best.

With the commitment, Our Top Management whole-heartedly supported this leap of Faith for betterment of Reliable Trend.

Our very speial Thank You to Lean Management Academy and looking forward more opportunities  work together again.

Mr. Nigel Chan, Director

Jemaramas Jaya Sdn Bhd

It has been a pleasant journey for Jemaramas to work alongside with Lean Management
Academy in educating, guiding and executing the above program with our employees.
Special thanks to En Muhar for your dedicated support and guidance throughout project.

I realised that Lean is 50 % about tools & 50 % about mindset. It takes tools and systems to
create results and business impact. Both are required to reach operation excellence. It takes
a Culture of Excellence (mind-set & behaviours) to achieve and sustain results.

Throughout the program, we do encounter obstacle but we brainstorm and do it as a team
to overcome the problems. I hope the company will continue to practice “Kaizen” to sustain
Lean and embrace the ideas and develop a participative, team-based approach.

As we look at the road ahead, let us remember the famous proverb: "If you want to go
quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."

We look forward to more opportunities to work with Lean Management Academy again in

Mr Adam Law, Executive Director

Soon Her Sing Industries (M) Sdn. Bhd

First and foremost, we, thank you Lean Management Academy in coaching us for the LEAN manufacturing implementation throughout the four months period, commencing December 2018. We appreciate the efforts and approach of the experienced consultant, Encik Muhar, for his wonderful way of guiding us to implement LEAN management in our company. Whenever issues aroused, Encik Muhar unperturbed way of handle those problems gave us a boost and confidence to manage it better the very next time.

We have gained so many benefits from the LEAN manufacturing implementation. One of the biggest benefits we gained is on the transparency of data sharing among all the employees, even our foreign workers. Subsequently, this has enhanced the work effectiveness and efficiency.

LEAN manufacturing is a series of methods designed to minimize the waste of material and labor while maintaining or increasing levels of production. It is about eliminating that which does not add value and delivering the best possible product to the customer as quickly and with a few barriers as possible.  

I would like to recommend any company in Malaysia to go for LEAN management. It is rather important to engage an experienced consultant like Encik Muhar for its implementation. His persistent, flexibility, patience, knowledge, approach and touch to all the participants during the training has given a very good positive impact on the entire team for a full commitment to go for LEAN!

It was, indeed, a great pleasure to collaborate with Encik Muhar and his team which had responded timely and professionally to all our questions. His assistant, Chin Leng has also a dynamic young man who always there to assist when questions aroused. Last but not least, we look forward to working with Encik Muhar and his team again soon in the near future.

Our very special THANK YOU once again to Lean Management Academy!

Madam SL Lim, General Manager
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