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Certified Practitioner in Lean Management

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A customised programme for organisations.

  • Registered with HRD Corp (HRD Corp - Claimable)

  • Non-HRD Corp Registered - payable by the organisation

  • Governmental

  • Government Linked Companies (GLC)

How will you benefit?​

  • Lead Lean Projects: Gain expertise in executing Lean projects to boost efficiency and add value.

  • Lean Mastery: Achieve a deep understanding of Lean principles and the ability to apply them effectively.

  • Waste Reduction: Learn to identify and eliminate process inefficiencies, optimizing operations.

  • Performance Tracking: Develop skills in setting and monitoring key metrics to ensure continuous improvement.

    • Certified Practitioner in Lean Management -
      Module 1 - Advanced Lean Training & Workshop
      - 2 Days
      (for companies that have undergone Lean Training and understand the concepts)

    • Certified Practitioner in Lean Management -
      Module 1 - Lean Training & Workshop
      - 3 Days
      (for companies that do not have any Lean training but have done 5S)

    • Certified Practitioner in Lean Management -
      Module 1 - Lean & 5S Training & Workshop
      - 4 Days
      (for companies that have not undergone Lean or 5S Training)
      Followed By

    • Certified Practitioner in Lean Management -
      Module 2 - A3 Kaizen Coaching
      - 1 Day
      (minimum six visits within six months after the above Training/Workshop)

    • This Certified Practitioner in Lean Manufacturing (certificate issued by Malaysia Productivity Corporation - MPC) only applies to the Kaizen Leaders who led the project, not the team members in the A3 Kaizen projects. It is intended to encourage everyone in the organisation to lead an A3 Kaizen project.

    • The company management selects Kaizen Leaders for the in-house program, which LMA does not decide.

    • Register with MPC for the organisation participating in this Lean certification program and Kaizen leader details.

    • LMA will issue an attendance certificate to the remaining Lean Workshop/Training participants and the A3 Kaizen Coaching who have attended over 80% of the combined sessions during Phases 1 and 2.

    • Training/Workshop pre-survey questionnaires are sent to all participants via Google Forms, and they are to respond before the training/workshop starts to gauge participants' understanding and set the participants to understand the objective of attending Lean management training/workshop.

    • Participants shall be tested via Google Forms on the Competency & Effectiveness Assessment of Lean theory after it has been taught to gain a better understanding of the content.

    • The Kaizen Leader will submit TWO completed A3 Kaizen projects detailing the tangible (projected total project savings of more than RM20,000 per annum) and details of the intangible impacts to LMA to be completed within seven months from the start of the 1st Training/Workshop. After seven months, MPC shall not issue any certificates.

    • Participants are supported by 6 in-house visits over the next 6 months, Module 2 - A3 Kaizen Coaching.

    • Tangible results must impact one or more performance indicators related to quality, cost, and delivery.

    • The savings/benefits achieved in the TWO A3 Kaizen projects are to be validated and endorsed by finance/senior management of the participant’s organisation as real gains on the A3 Kaizen documents.

    • LMA reserves the right to interview the Superior or peer who made the recommendation.

    • LMA shall evaluate the participant’s A3 Kaizen project submission and recommend it to MPC for certification.

    • MPC, Practitioner in Lean Management (Specific Industry e.g. Manufacturing, Construction, etc.) will be issued to Kaizen Leaders who led the project (not the team members). This encourages everyone in the organisation to lead an A3 Kaizen Project.


      LMA Certificate of Attendance will be issued to all Lean Workshop/Training and A3 Kaizen Coaching participants have at least 80% attendance.

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Certified Practitioner in Lean Management

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