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Objectives & Quality Policy


For our training to have its most powerful impact, the ethos of training needs to be a part of the company culture. To this end, Lean Management Academy offers in-house training to companies and organisations dedicated to results through people development. In-house training enables the sustainability of culture change because of its almost immediate return on investment. Our programs are tailor-made to each company's objectives, challenges, and budget. We will create a training program and provide the appropriate backup support to answer your company's questions.

Delegates of Lean Management Academy have vouched that we can bring real magic through a transformative personal journey via our training programs.

Knowing that any training investment should be aligned with business drivers and have a clearly identified outcome is vital. Therefore, we will take the time to understand the issues and objectives to be addressed and then design a training proposal based on them.

Quality Policy

Lean Management Academy is a consulting, coaching, and training firm committed to providing highly customised learning solutions and support for industries to release the full potential of their teams. We meet the requirements of industry-related standards and all legislative and regulatory requirements. We will continuously strive to achieve excellence throughout different industries. Regardless of size, we will always provide excellent training packages that exemplify world-class standards.

We are committed to continuous improvement and adopt measures to achieve objectives.

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